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Steve, the designer and owner of Villa Octavius, was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He has lived in Greece since 1979.

Brought up by his British parents on a dairy farm in South Devon, England, he learnt to sail on the local river Tamar. After schooling he trained as a joiner with a local firm.

Steve taught sailing in Salcombe during the summer and worked as a joiner during the winter. A chance meeting led him to get a job teaching sailing in Greece.

After over ten years and as a director of the company then called Falcon Sailing he moved on and went sailing in a Wayfarer from Greece to Egypt and the river Nile, returning via Cyprus and Turkey and the Greek Islands. This adventure was over 4000 miles and took 18 months.

Octopus 1
Octopus 1
Steve & Monica

"The provision of comfort, luxury and privacy for our guests, the decorative detail of the villa and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, are all important and take priority in our hosting and team-services. Finally greeting happy and relaxed clients, gives us great pleasure too!" Monica Miller